Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Thoughts From My First Run

Whew!  That was beyond tough...BUT I ran/jogged/walked almost the same amount of mileage in almost half the amount of time from yesterday!  Already making progress!  :)

Here I sit, dripping sweat from every pore in my body. Yuck!  I feel gross but SO accomplished!

Hacking up a lung from being out of breath.

So sore ... And craving a shower.

I've realized that I think I would enjoy running the more and longer I do it. I don't like feeling so physically weak while I'm running, but that's why I am here to change!


My random thoughts during my run:

Man this could very well be the death of me.

My lungs are going to burst!  I am definitely regretting ever smoking.

When an older man walking by in opposite direction says to me "It's a tough work out", he's probably just making a quick casual comment and trying not to be concerned at the sight of me gasping for air, dripping in sweat and looking like I could collapse in the nearest lawn.  yes, that really did happen

I definitely need to start taking glucosamine pills because my knees are bad and hurt so bad.

I need new headphones cause my SkullCandy ear buds don't stay in my ears.  GRRR!

I should've picked a cooler day to start running, but ...why wait?!  That's what I've been doing!

Oh man, what's that sm--- AW MAN!  I forgot to put on deodorant!  Note to self!  Do NOT forget deodorant!

How do people run when it's so hot outside? Or wait... When its really cold outside? Yikes! But I'm gonna do it!

Man, I hope I don't see anyone I know from high school...O_o

(With every step) Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

I'm proud of myself!  I'm doing it!  I'm running!  Go Me!!  :)


We did good, my friends.

This week Justin and I are starting the gym.  Due to our limited source of babysitters we are starting by going 3 nights a week.  We would like to begin by going together so that we can help each other get into the swing of going.  Maybe after a few days/weeks going 3 days a week, we can also go separately and each take turns watching Annaliese.  Right now, my mom, his mom and his brother & sister in law are all taking a night to watch Annaliese.  It's nice to have help, because this will surely help Justin and I get in shape like we both would like.

Also, since I don't think that I am ready to (successfully) take on 3 classes in college for financial aid to cover my tuition and I can't pay out of pocket for 1-2 classes a semester, I am just going to start with Non-Credit courses.  I want to get back into the swing of going to school again.  I have researched a local community college and found that they have an online writing course.  I think this would be great for me because it's only 6 weeks, I will be able to write more AND it will help me become a better blogger!  :)  I am hoping to begin the next class that starts in September.  :)

Thank you to all of you for your kind comments and support that you've given me.  Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and I greatly appreciate you having faith in me, a "stranger".  It means a lot.

I am working towards my goals, slowly but surely.

"No Day But Today"


  1. Woo hoo! Awesome job! I miss running so much! I also wanted to just send you the link to this workout website that I follow. It's called BodyRock ( and it's basically HIIT (high intensity interval training). I LOVE this type of training and thought I'd spread the love for a couple reasons.

    1) You can do these workouts anywhere, including your living room. John and I do them together on our back porch. BUT this means that you guys could potentially do it at home without needing a sitter.

    2) FREE! Nuff said.

    3) You actually can burn more calories in ten minutes of this type of training than running for an hour. I actually read a great article just today about HIIT and the benefits:

    Anyway, I switched to this type of workout because running started hurting my back and I'm hooked! There are other HIIT workout sources out there, but this is just my favorite one. Just thought I'd share an alternative workout source in case you are interested in working out at home. :)

    xoxo, Kayla

    1. Wow, Kayla! I have just watched 3 videos and these ARE intense! But I see that some of them have some beginners tips too! I am definitely going to try some out tonight! Thanks for lookin out!! Whoda thunk!? :)
      XOXO - p.s. I'll be mentioning this in a future post!

  2. I am so happy that you have started running. I have vented so much to you about how much I love running & now I have someone to share it with! Keep up the good work, it only gets better & easier from here. Before you know it, you will see that the energy that you may not have now, will be there and not know where it comes from.

    I found that the more you exercise, even if it is in your living room, the better you feel about yourself and being able to take on the world! I love reading about your progress, so keep blogging about it! Thank you for supporting me in my running, I can't wait to run with you!

    Family First, Love Life!

    1. Yes! That is my goal! To work out and keep at it! To make working out part of my life, not an every now and then occasion! Thank you for inspiring me :)

  3. Way to go!! It gets better and that "high" you feel once it's been accomplished is like no other!
    What's the app you posted the pic from above??

    1. I love that feeling of accomplishment! I think this may just be what I've needed all along! :) Thanks Kyra! <3

      Oh and the app is called MapMyRun, it's a free app on the iphone (they have an ad free one that has a fee, but I like this app! I've also tried RunKeeper, but I like MapMyRun better :)

  4. Haha! Great job, Cassie! I have lots of random thoughts on my runs. Good job for you and your husband joining the gym. Does your gym have childcare so you could bring the baby along?

    1. Thank you, Jen! Unfortunately our gym does not have a child care area. So we've arranged 3 nights a week where my husband and I have my mom, his mom, and his brother(and wife) watch Annaliese while we go have 90 minutes to our self to work out. So far so good! :)


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