Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Good Thing - Anniversary

You may have realized by now that Justin and I, we don't just have an "Anniversary day", we celebrate the whole week!  "Anniversa-week!"  So this week's One Good Thing Thursday link up is in honor of my two year wedding anniversary - I're surprised.  :)

This past Tuesday was Justin and I's first wedding anniversary when it wasn't just the two of us.

Last year was our official 1st anniversary.  It was the only anniversary we spent just us two before having a family.  We didn't exchange gifts, only cards, because we were going away for the weekend and that was our gift to each other.  We spent the Saturday down at the Inner Harbor, walked around a lot and went to the Baltimore Aquarium.  It was a beautiful day despite the summer heat.
The view from our room

  We had plans to go out to a nice fancy dinner but because I was 7 months pregnant and we had just walked around all day in the blazing sun, my feet were beyond killing me and I could barely finish the walk back to our hotel room.  We decided to improvise and order room service, which was exceptionally delicious and stayed in for the evening and watched Bridesmaids.  That movie isn't for everyone, but Justin and I thought it was hilarious to the point where we thought we were disturbing other guests in other rooms!  We never got any complaints, so that was nice.  :)
I had an east coast favorite Maryland crab cakes and Justin had yummy steak.  And yes both desserts of ice cream and cheesecake were mine...and I ate them both.  Don't judge, I was pregnant ;) hehe

The next morning (On the actual date of our anniversary) we had an appointment outside of Baltimore to have a non-medial ultrasound done.  We did this so we could get a video of our baby moving in the womb and boy was it amazing.  We have the video on a DVD and it's about 30 mins long so I'll just share with you a couple pictures.

Her beautiful face with daddy's nose.  

An arm over a foot.

It was a great way to spend the 1 year celebration of our wedding day.  We got to see our unborn daughter and say a quick "hello"!  ...And emotional mommy got to shed a few happy tears on the way home too!  :)

Fast forward a year and Justin and I happily got to share our two year anniversary with our daughter present again!  This time in our arms!  I have to admit, the day felt just like any other ordinary day.  Justin came home from work, I made dinner ok, that's not so ordinary, and Annaliese fought sleep until midnight.  Luckily she did sleep through the night for 8 1/ hours that night, so I count my blessings, but it was rough getting her there!
Justin and I exchanged gifts this year.  I got him a nice card, a pair of white sneakers that he wanted, an iTunes gift card to purchase the new Jim Gaffigan album coming out next week, book 3 of The Game Of Thrones series and a special edition of Rolling Stones Magazine.  He came home with a dozen beautiful red roses for me, a really sweet card, book 2 of Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie The Vow, and the promise of a personalized with photos iPhone case (which still needs ordered) from Erin Condren!  I am so excited to get this case, but I might wait until we get our family pictures taken on Sept 24 to order it.  We don't have many pictures together as a family and I would want my case to have my little family. :)

My mom was nice enough to watch Annaliese last night so Justin and I could go out to eat and have some alone time together for our Anniversary.  It was very nice.  Candlelight.  Frank Sinatra.  Yummy food!  I had crab cakes again...I'm starting to see a trend here...and Justin got a famous Greek dish called Pastitsio.

It was a great "Anniversa-week" we shared together.  It was different this year, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.  We hope that possibly on our next Anniversary we will be in our OWN home and perhaps baking a little sibling for Annaliese ;)
Little White Whale

Hope you all have a great evening!  Happy Friday tomorrow!


  1. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I have been married for about 2 1/2 years...and we were pregnant on our first anniversary, too! I always laughed a little when people told us to take a 'baby-moon' while we were pregnant and it was still just the two of us...I always felt too tired and my hurt too much to want to do much of anything! I'm glad ya'll got to get out a little though before "getting out" got hard :). Have a great rest of your anniversary week!

    1. Thank you! :) It was hard to get out and walk around all day, but I am glad we did it!

  2. Nice!! Our pics are going to make your iPhone case?!?! I told Jason no pressure :)

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. Hahaha! I love you guys! That's right! I am going to have your picture on my cell phone at all times! I doubt you guys would deliver anything but fantastic pictures! I'm not worried in the least! :) And thank you!

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    Second book of the 50 Shades, is that a hint (lol). I read all three books...
    Great pictures, that's way more than just one good thing :)

    1. Thank you Kerstin! I tried to tell him that I'm not reading the books for the erotic pleasure, but it's an intriguing love story that's got me sucked in! Haha!!

  4. Very lovely! Crab cakes are my fave too. I'm really liking the idea of an anniversa-week. My husband and I tend to brush off our anniversary--I'm really inspired to celebrate it more! Thanks Cassie.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I highly recommend celebrating your anniversary all week! Why not take a WEEK out of the year and think about the reason you are where you are today, as a family, as a wife...where it all started, so to speak. I love remembering our wedding day. I'm touched that I've inspired you to celebrate it longer than a day ;)

  5. I like the idea of an Anniversa-week, too. What a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion! Your dinner pic looks delish. Crab cakes and cheescake for dessert? That sounds like perfection on a plate!

    1. Haha! Thank you! I think I am going to try to keep the crab cake tradition every year ;) Thanks for the comment!


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