Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello...Is It Me You're Looking For?

**This was written almost 2 months ago on 3/25/13...apparently I was asleep when I hit the SAVE button instead of the PUBLISH here's a slight recap before I get to the actual newest post.**

Ever have that feeling that you're so far behind that you shouldn't even bother to try to catch up?  Well that's me with blogging...except, I DO want to catch up!  In the last month...technically two...almost three, I've been TERRIBLY bad at making blogging a priority as I have in the past.  Which also means I've totally NOT kept up with that part of my New Years Resolutions either....well here's why.


I won't say that I've been busy every day all day for the last month, but my priorities have changed a little.

Toddler.  Geesh, can this girl run!  Annaliese is very active, always on the go!  She is also very exploratory and independent.  It's hard to get everything that needs done in a day, especially with a husband that still gets daily headaches (sleep test is scheduled in May) and sometimes comes home from work and goes straight to bed.  Annaliese keeps me on my toes!  And boy is she headstrong!  If she can't figure something out the first time around, she throws herself down into a fit.  Wonder where she gets that from???  For those of you wondering, she actually gets that from both of her parents.  Poor kid!
Also on that note, Justin and I have decided that we are officially "TTC" again!  So stay tuned for an update on that when we're finally successful!

Money.  Since joining Scentsy in December, I am (to my surprise) doing really well with my Scentsy Business, and I am bringing in extra money (Shout out to my awesome customers and recruits!), but until I become even more established, I have been applying my tush off for other part time jobs.  I've had one interview so far and it seems pretty promising.  I have a few other prospects and Justin possibly has another job opportunity that will mean him traveling 2 hours each way Monday - Friday for at least a year until we would relocate closer to his job.  So we'll see what happens with that!  *Just thought I would put this out there - I am able to do an online party for you if you are interested.  A blogger friend is already making it happen!*  It's just hard to picture myself going back into the working field after being out of it for 2 1/2 wonderful years!  My goal for this year is to make Scentsy my primary income and be able to take my family on a vacation this summer/fall!

Parties.  My sweet maternal grandmother's 80th birthday happened, (February 18th, to be exact)!  My mom had been inviting family and friends from all over the country for months and the total head count as of now is about 120 people!  My grandma is one of eleven kids (HOLY MOLY...could you imagine???) and all of her siblings who don't reside in Heaven came up celebrate!  All of her daughters were there and all of her grand kids, and of course her only great grandchild, Annaliese!  Many of her cousins were there as well as many of her life long friends she has made over 80 years of life.  I cannot tell you how excited and happy I was/am for my grandma to have this day, this celebration of life!  We all had a blast at the party!

Birthdays.  Well more recently, there are more recent birthdays coming up.  My big 30th is April 4th and Justin's (a couple years graduated from 30) is April 18th.  For the last year, Like I mentioned before, I wanted to throw myself a big 30th birthday bash with an 80's theme!  Well unfortunately it looks like that won't be the case.  Trying to keep afloat on our bills (including the expensive cold season we're still in) we have not been able to save and extra money to make this happen.  I won't lie...I'm disappointed, but I've accepted it.  I know that my birthday will still be special in it's own way.  My girl friends have a nice lunch at Olive Garden planned for me on April 6th, and we have a family dinner planned for that evening at Dave and Jane's Crab Shack where I will be indulging in all-you-can-eat crabs!  *Please note: I will be in a complete food coma on this day*

Books.  I have made an attempt to read more like I wanted to this year and I have.  Going from zero reading to some reading is actually a feat, but it's happening at least!  Plus, just recently I have found an awesome website and app called GoodReads!  I'm sure most of you consistent readers out there already know of this site, but I found it to be my missing reader's link!  It's a place where you can make lists of what you have already read, what you want to read and what you are currently reading as well as have "friends" and read their reviews and get suggestions of books!  Go find me so we can be reading buddies! :)

So that has been my last few months in a nut shell.  I'm sorry it's taken me forever to write this post and that I haven't read many of your blog posts that I have missed.  It sometimes doesn't take a high rank on the priority list and I have somehow managed to not even make it appear on the list!  I'll try to keep on top of things!

I have lots of pictures to post and lots of other news to share, so I will be doing that here soon!  As always you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  *please take note that I have changed my user names to CreatingCassie*

Love to you all...if you're still out there!

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