Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Happened!

After all of the hectic  preparing, Christmas has bitter-sweetly come and gone.

Shopping, wrapping, cooking, making, painting, tagging, exchanging, cleaning, and making room for all the new was so worth the many smiles!

Here's a recap of the last week's Christmas festivities!

Thursday 12/20 - Justin and I went shopping start to finish!  It was nice to have a "date day", but it was very exhausting to day the least.  We're still recovering - physically... and financially!

Friday 12/21 - We wrapped our little hearts out and worked on our super secret Christmas project that I can't yet reveal to you because we still have another "Christmas weekend" to be had.
"Good All Year - Just Ask Santa" shirt

Saturday 12/22 - Justin and I cleaned the house and then hopped in the car to go pick up my mother in law and aunt in law and headed up to Hershey, PA to drive through an hour and a half of their "Sweet Lights" Candylane display.  It was a lot of fun, but it was also a long time to be in the car.  Annaliese did really well though!

Sunday 12/23 - We had some last minute shopping to do and had a friend come over and Justin's other aunt and uncle stopped by to give Annaliese a Christmas gift.  We also did some online shopping and ordered Annaliese a "replacement" Teddy Bear because the one she has now and cannot sleep without...has seen better days.

Monday 12/24 - We finished wrapping, had a visit with Justin's cousin, Paige, did some baking enjoyed watching our first "real" snow of the season!  I was very excited to have a White Christmas!  We had plans to go to Justin's dad's old church for their Christmas Eve Candle Light service so we hopped in the car and carefully arrived to church.  It was nice to see familiar faces in a church we used to regularly attend, but since that was the first time we had been there since Justin's dad passed away, it was very hard to see the chair he used to sit in and the pulpit he used to preach at...empty.  The church had a Christmas tree decorated and still put up Ron and Elaine's Christmas decorations, which we thought was very nice.  Annaliese liked hearing the Christmas carols sung by the congregation and applauded.

Then Santa Came...

Tuesday 12/25 - CHRISTMAS!

I'll save the majority of the Christmas pictures for another post, but here are a few from Christmas morning, just the three of us.  Our camera wasn't fully charged yet so these are just iPhone pictures.

Daddy insisted on buying Annaliese this piano!  It's perfect for her and she loves it!
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse table and chairs
Her first puzzle!
Mickey Mouse tent, tunnel and ball pit!
More books!
After Annaliese opened all her gifts, we got ready for the day and had my mom, my grandma, my aunt, my brother, Justin's mom and Justin's aunt come over for brunch and to exchange gifts.  It was a very busy morning for Annaliese, so after she opened all of her gifts she took a nap and the adults finished exchanging gifts. 

(Pictures to come in another post)

Once Annaliese woke up, we ALL (except my aunt) headed over to my brother and sister in law's house for Christmas dinner at 3pm.  It was nice to have my family, Justin's family and even my sister in law's family all at the same dinner table.  Good food was had, great laughs were shared, then onto more presents!

Ashley, Jenn and the back of my grandma's head

Elaine, Ginger, Ricky, Ashley and the back of Judy's head

Annaliese, me, my mom and my grandma


Ashley, Jenn, my mom, and I
Wednesday 12/26 - Snow Day!  Justin worked a half day at work and came home and we played in the snow.  Well we tried to.  Apparently Annaliese is more like her daddy when it comes to snow and isn't really fond of it.  But she looked really cute in her new snow suit!

Thursday 12/27 - Justin worked from home due to the bad roads.  We had Justin's cousins come visit us and bring Annaliese some more gifts.  She got 2 new books and a Minnie Mouse chair that she loves!

Friday 12/28 - While Justin was at work, Annaliese and I stayed inside, played with some new toys, cleaned a little, did some laundry and got the guest room prepared for Papou and Nana's arrival the next day.

Today- Saturday 12/29 - We're waiting for Papou and Nana to arrive and Annaliese is in rare form today.  The teething monster has stolen my happy baby girl and will not give her back!  Hopefully this doesn't last all weekend and we can have a good and semi-peaceful visit.  (Believe me, you don't want to see a picture of this)  haha!

So there's a little recap and our family life up to date.  Christmas presents post to come later!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa ..whatever holiday you celebrate :)


  1. Sounds like Annaliese made out VERY well! Looks like it was a beautiful Christmas!

    1. She sure did, Jill! And thank you :) Happy New Year!


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