Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saving Daylight. Losing Sleep.

March 10, 2012- Officially Daylight Savings. The day that everyone but you Arizonians complain about losing a hour of sleep...except those already losing sleep. But look on the bright side! At least we get an extra hour of daylight, the sun is still awake at 7pm and spring is getting closer and closer! YAY! So it's not that bad! ...Unless you forgot to spring your clock an hour ahead and showed up for work late. Ooops! But it's happened to all of us at one point, right? Right??? 

 I can't even remember the last time I set my alarm. It never fails that I'm up at 3am, 5am or 7am with my daughter and never really need a clock to wake me up. Just a hungry baby and a hot cup of coffee usually does the trick. Of course kids have no sense of time, especially babies. So their sleeping schedule is pretty whacked out when Daylight Savings starts and ends and of course that affects sleepy mom and dad. We all eventually get used to the time change...about a month before we're supposed to change it again! But there are worse things to complain about. Sleep is only sleep... Most adults are good with 5-6 hours of sleep and can function regularly at their 9 to 5 job. I'm not saying that's healthy and that you should purposely deprive yourself of the sweet Zzzz's, but at least you know your brain and body will indeed work with SOME sleep. 

Thankfully my teething 5 month old usually sleeps through the night and has for awhile now. However as of last week teething is in full force and it was like we had a brand newborn baby again. Waking during the night, crying all the time and always seemingly hungry (but not really because she just wants something to soothe her gums, but pacifiers are out of the question since she won't take them). 

I never knew what sleep deprivation was until I had my daughter. You try to prepare yourself by just knowing that sleepless nights are in your future, but there is no preparing. You're never fully prepared for what's to come being first time parents. But aside from that, try making good decisions for yourself and your child's well being when you haven't slept in days. It's tough! 

I had that feeling again this morning. Like I was hungover and still half drunk from a fun night of drinking and dancing although in reality, I was in bed asleep by 10:30 and little Annaliese slept through the night from 10pm - 6am. That's 8 wonderful hours!!! What is wrong with me!? I got to sleep consistently for what is a really long time with a baby and I'm still tired! Ugh! Will I ever catch up on sleep before we even think about bringing Anna a brother or sister into this world and have the "no sleep cycle" start all over again? I suppose it doesn't really matter. As an adult there will always be a yearn for more sleep. More vacations. More relax time. Someday we'll get that time and it will fly by and we'll want more. 

Life lesson learned: Sit back, sleep when you're able to, and enjoy your life as it flies before your very eyes. 

How does Daylight Savings time affect your daily life? How much sleep do you get on an average night?

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